SEMA show 2014 Part 2

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Even after walking several miles, snapping hundreds of pictures and seeing mind blowing after mind blowing builds in the first few days, we had barely scratched the surface of what SEMA show had to offer.So with batteries charged, bodies rehydrated and badges in hand, it was time to venture back into the automotive labyrinth.

Navigating SEMA show can be an overwhelming task in itself. Hundreds if not thousands of vendors and cars are jam packed at the Las Vegas Convention center, so finding that one vendor who produces handcrafted, artisanal shift knobs can be a bit difficult for the unprepared.

In the central hall, the best way to orientate yourself was to figure out your location in reference to the two biggest display booths, Ford and GM. Starting off our day at the GM booth put us face to face with this track terror.

Now the Z/28 has always been associated as the racing model in the Camaro family line, distinguished by its long history in the SCCA trans-am series.

When GM resurrected the name for the current gen model, they decided to associate it with something a bit more German.

Conquering the Green Hell in 7:37.47 has really shown what the latest gen Camero is capable of. I’m sure those massive Brembo carbon ceramics were worth their weight in gold on that track at speed. Truly one of the most formidable iterations to ever bare the Z/28 name.

Remembering that its not just the cars that we came to see, we made our way over to the OS Giken booth.

For many the name OS Giken conjures up images of ultra high quality drivetrain components like this clutch assembly. Though for others only one thing comes to mind at the mention of that name. The legendary TC24-B1 L series head.

For the uninitiated. Back in the 1970’s, having already designed the dominating TC16-MA2 four cylinder head used in international rallies and racing circuits, Mr Okazaki decided to expanded on its design with a 6 cylinder version. The TC24 -B1 was built with one purpose in mind, to out perform the Porsche 930 Turbo aka “The Widowmaker”. Developing 320+ HP naturally aspirated, this engine nearly doubled the stock HP of the L28 it was based on.

It was surreal to be standing next to this engineering masterpiece that I have only seen in Japanese magazines and websites. As a 240Z owner, I always dreamed of running one of these in my own car. Only 11 of these original heads were ever produced so they are sure to go for crazy money. However, over the last year, OS Giken has relaunched their development of this head with the release of the TC24-B1Z head so you too can run this legendary engine for the low low price of $65000. I was really hoping to hit it big at the casino later that night.

Stopping at the Scion booth to checkout these Scion tuner challenge FRS’s. The level of design and execution on these builds was impressive. Each were unique examples of what can be done with the same platform, and each with their own building philosophy. Though being an old school JDM guy I had to give it up for the Speedhunters build.

Hard to say no to fender mirrors.

Scion also had this sweet Uncle Rico approved xB.

A true “shag” wagon.

Down at the GoPro booth, the “Rampage” second gen Camaro was breaking many a neck.

Outfitted with top of the line components from Penske, MoTeC and many others, this reimaginged classic may give the Z-28 above a definite run for its money.

Now this smooth body Charger may seem unassuming at first glance but as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover”.

Especially when that book is packing a 2000 HP powerhouse. A veritable Ernest Hemingway under the hood.

Like I said in post 1, these M4’s are really growing on me.

This particular example rolling on those beautiful bronze RAYS ZE40’s wrapped in sticky Toyo Proxes R888’s.

With our last day drawing to a close, we knew there was one last car we had to check out in person.

The newly released Mazda MX-5 Cup Car concept.

Built as a turn-key racer, this all new MX-5 will be the new face of Mazda’s OEM driver development program. Though outfitted with all kinds of race ready goodies, by far my favorite was the integrated shift light in the steering wheel. Can’t wait to see these cars out on the track.

And before we even noticed it, SEMA show 2014 was over. SEMA show 2014 was an amazing show filled with top quality parts and even higher quality builds. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and would like to thank the SEMA organizers for putting on such an excellent event. Lady luck truly smiled kindly on us this year and we can’t wait to be back next year.

This was also a preview of things to come so stay tuned for all the latest developments from


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