SEMA Show 2014 Part 1

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Every year the best in automotive aftermarket and builds descended upon the Las Vegas Convention Center to showcase all their latest products. Always on the hunt for new products and quality builds, we gassed up the cars, rolled the dice and hoped lady luck would smile on us as we ventured into the desert in search of the automotive oasis that is SEMA show 2014. Will we win big or crap out?


Like many of you, I always dreamed of going to the SEMA show. Unlike many of the other automotive events, SEMA show is for automotive industry professionals only and generally not open to the public. Working in the automotive industry can have its share of low points, getting to attend SEMA however was definitely not one of them.

Unlike parking at your favorite casino on the strip where spots are plentiful, convention parking was a nightmare unless you were willing to shell $40 for a spot in some crowded off site garage. Luckily, we found a nice free spot near the south upper hall which lead us right into the Toyo Tires Treadpass exhibition where plenty of high dollar builds to be found. GT-R’s, GT40’s and NSX’s abound…

…Though it was this Porsche 911 that really caught my eye.

Not surprising when it’s the Urban Outlaw at work.

The plaid fixed backs were a nice touch.

As were the duck tail and blacked out fuchs. We could have spent a good portion of the day drooling over the cars at treadpass, but we resisted the urge and pressed on into the central hall.

Each hall at SEMA is dedicated to different parts of the automotive industry. Colision and repair in the North hall, off-roading in the south upper hall, and tires in the south lower hall. For us the central hall, which was dedicated to racing and performance, was our main destination. When it comes to racing and performance, our first stop was our friends at GReddy Performance Products.

This year GReddy has introduced many new products to their line up. An improved line of their already stellar exhaust systems, the very popular Rocket Bunny kits and a new line of turbochargers developed in partnership with Garrett Turbochargers.

Stock GT-R horsepower no longer cutting it?


This 4.0 Stroker VR kit with new GReddy/Garrett GTX3076R turbos has everything you need to bring out your car’s inner Godzilla.

What do you do need to get that unbridled 4.0L GT-R horsepower back under control?

Carbon ceramic upgrade of course. The guys at fusion have been hard at work perfecting their line of carbon ceramic brake upgrades. Reducing 50% or more of unsprung weight, a optimized cooling design, increased longevity, no cold rotor performance loss, and very price competitive compared to traditional OEM carbon ceramic replacements. Fusion Brakes can be a very attractive option for those looking to get the highest in braking performance. Would any GT-R owners be interested in seeing something like this on

Keeping on the subject of braking performance, Cusco had a great line up of Winmax brake pads. Winmax is been developing high performance brake pads since 1960, supplying many race teams and private label companies around the world with some of the best brake pads around.

I really liked the straight forward naming convention they used, the higher in number you go, the more aggressive the compound. This W4 pad which is ideal for competitive autocross and open track events.

While stepping up to the W5’s will get you into full race mode, perfect your next demanding endurance race.

Also a fan of the cute campaign girl they had out front..

The Honda booth had plenty of builds on display but this Spoon Sports Fit was a real crowd pleaser. While aesthetically it have been the most tame of the Fit builds on display, performance wise it may have been the most potent.

Those lightweight Volk CE28 Club racers shod in sticky Advan slicks may seem like overkill for such a small, lightweight car but being built to compete in Super Taikyu, these cars get pushed to the limit in search of lower lap times and amid fierce competition. Congratulations to Spoon and their recent win at Suzuka Circuit.


CCW Wheels had this beautiful M4 on display. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the M4’s design when it debuted but seeing examples like this one has really changed my perspective.

Especially when sitting on CCW’s new SP100’s.

Making our way from booth to booth we couldn’t help but run into amazing cars like this BBI Autosport Porsche 911, also running a few urban outlaw touches like these Fifteen52 Outlaw 52 wheels.

Or this 2015 VW Beetle gone under RWB’s Nakai-san knife at the Eneos booth.

I’m so used to seeing that “idlers” sidewall paint on Porsches that it was a little jarring to see it look so right on the the VW. I guess having both cars originally designed by the same man, Ferdinand Porsche, helps. Brothers from a different mother.

One of the most impresive builds of the show was the Jimmie Johnson Corvette Stingray. A well executed blend of classic stingray body and modern corvette technology. I couldn’t get over how deep the paint looked, in person it still looked wet!


Just a faint hint of what lay under the bonnet.


460 horsepower and 465 lb/ft of modern corvette muscle. It looks like it came from the factory like this. Jimmie Johnson and his team did an amazing job.

With so much to do and see at SEMA there was no way we could cover it all in one post. We have many more exciting cars and new products in store so stay tuned for part 2 of our adventure at SEMA show 2014 Las Vegas.


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