How does it work?

Buy together, save together. At Revmatch we believe that buying high quality products together, allows you to do it right the first time while saving money. Revmatch uses the power of collective buying to get you the best possible pricing on the highest quality parts. Group buys can be a great way to save money for the parts you want, except it isn’t always the easiest process. Many times group buys face problems such as disorganization, confusion on group buy terms, inconsistent communication with the group buy initiator, unease with payment procedure, and ultimately frustration when the group buy falls through. We here at Revmatch aim to eliminate these issues by providing clear and concise group buy terms, a single point of contact, and a secure payment system to smooth the buying process.

How long do the sales last?

The sale length will vary, typically lasting between 10-20 days.

Will we need to put a deposit down?

Unlike other group buys which require you to pay a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot on a group buy list, Revmatch will never require  a deposit. Thanks to our payment processing method Revmatch will not require a deposit to hold a spot on one of our group buys.

How is our order processed?

Once your order is placed we will pre-authorize a PayPal payment but you will not be charged. If the sale goes through then you will be charged that amount. If the sale does not go through you will not be charged anything. Depending on the type of sale, if your group buy meets the minimum amount of buyers required then we will charge you the amount listed. If your group buy doesn’t meet the minimum requirement then we will not charge you anything.

For sales that do not require a minimum amount of buyers, we will pre-authorize the initial amount of the sale before any discounts are applied. Depending on the discount level the group buy reaches we will then charge you that amount.

When do we get charged? 

We reserve the right to pre-authorize your PayPal payment. The pre-authorization is a pending amount that is not billed until the deal ends. Once the deal closes, the PayPal amount that will be billed will be based on the discount level reached.

What if there isn’t enough orders? Can I still buy the part? 

We always want you to get the highest quality parts that we offer, however sometimes not everyone wants in on the same deal. For certain sales we will offer the chance to buy the part despite not meeting the minimum group buy quantity, other sales we will not. If this is the case, choose Yes in the option for ‘Gotta Have It’ and if the sale does not get the minimum amount of buyers, you can still purchase it at the retail price.

When will there be parts for my car?

We are always seeking out new vendors to work with to bring the best products to you, if we are not offering any parts for your car then continue to check back for more sales. If you would like to know when we have new products available you can subscribed to our email list, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr.

Can I suggest parts to sell?

Absolutely. We welcome all part requests, if you have a group of interested buyers for a certain part then please fill out our Parts Request form and we will try our best to contact the manufacturer on your behalf to organize and provide the best price we can.

What is your shipping policy?

For most of our sales we will include shipping costs onto your order once it is complete.

What is your return policy?

Because we are offering parts at discount prices we are unable to issue returns unless the part is defective.  Sometimes it happens, if you are unfortunate enough to receive a defective part, you will have up to 14 days from delivery date to request a refund, we will provide shipping label for defective items. If we determine that the part is not defective, we will charge a 10% restocking fee and shipping costs. If it is after 14 days you will need to contact the manufacturer.

How do I contact you to offer our parts for sale?

We are always interested in offering parts for sale here at Revmatch. If you have a great item that you would like us to list then please send an inquiry to or fill out our Parts Request form and leave a description of what you have.

What can I do if I missed a group buy and I wanted to buy the part? 

Sadly once a sale is complete it is gone forever. However if we get enough interest in past sales we may be able to restart a group buy after it is completed. Next time make sure you know when the sale ends so you can get it the first time, you should subscribe to our newsletter to let you know when the sale is about to end.

Do we price match?

Well, since you are buying with a group of smart like minded enthusiasts you will already be receiving the best price you can so there will be no need to price match.  If for some reason we are not the lowest we do not sell at a lower price beyond our group buy prices.

Do you sell outside the US?

Everyone wants the best deals out there, unfortunately as of now we do not sell outside of the US. We are looking into expanding our sales to other countries so stay tuned for more information on when you will be able to buy.