PMB Performance Datsun Z Caliper Restoration 69-78



*Note: Priced per pair, includes a $100 core charge that will be refunded upon the return of usable cores.

Product Description

PMB Performance Datsun Z Caliper Restoration

Think your stock Z brakes aren’t up to snuff? Those stock, big piston Sumitomo calipers with the right set of pads can stop with the best of them. The problem is, after decades of service, many of these stock systems are in need of a bit of servicing to bring out their best.

Then why not just upgrade with some off the shelf, aftermarket brake kit? Well, when it comes to braking performance, its more than just bigger calipers and more pistons. It’s about balance.

Nissan’s engineers spent a lot of time balancing and optimizing the stock system’s front and rear braking performance. Don’t waste your time with heavy truck parts, limited pad selection and additional proportioning systems that still struggle to get the brake bias right.

An unbalanced braking system may actually lead to worse stopping distance over the stock system!

Keep your system balanced, period correct and the way Nissan’s engineers intended with calipers better than when they left the factory. Get your Z a set of PMB Performance restored calipers.

Every Datsun Z caliper restoration includes:

  • Complete disassembly to bare core.
  • Removal of stuck or frozen pistons.
  • Replating of caliper cores.
  • Replating of all fasteners
  • Vibratory polishing of pistons (however; most of these need new pistons).
  • Cleaning and recoating piston tops.
  • New seals and dust covers throughout.
  • Reassembly with pistons in proper position.

Restore your Z’s braking performance and aesthetics for years to come.


  • Avg lead time: 2-3 weeks upon receipt of your rebuildable cores.


*Core Shipping Instructions: Please follow these simple instructions for sending in your cores.

  • Completely drain and dry fluids from calipers and remove bleeders. Broken bleeders as a result of failing to remove them from calipers will incur a $80 EDM (electrical discharge machine) charge per bleeder.
  • Tightly pack calipers in shipping box, double box if possible. Loosely packaged calipers can damage the box or the calipers themselves.
  • Recommended shipping method: Large USPS Flat Rate shipping box. Customer is responsible for core shipping cost.
  • Ship to: PMB Performance 162 W. 9240 S. Sandy, UT 84070


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