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Project Mu Type HC Plus Brake Pad Datsun Z 69-78



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Product Description

Project Mu Type HC Plus Brake Pad Datsun Z 69-78

A true “drivers pad”, Project Mu’s HC+ Brake Pads provide unmatched feel and control.

The HC series of “street and sport” brake pad offer outstanding fade-resistance, making them ideal for everything from puttering around town to seeking thrills on winding roads and racing circuits. Made in Japan and designed for the stock Z caliper ensures easy drop in installation and factory engineered front to rear brake bias. No need for swapped calipers, extra proportioning valves or different master cylinders here.


Unlike other high performance brake pads which often require warm up prior to normal operation, Project Mu’s HC+ compound is engineered for linear friction (0.43~0.58μ) and feedback over a wide range of temperatures, providing superior cold performance and excellent fade resistance up to 800° C (1,472° F)

Project Mu’s HC+ are the ultimate brake pad upgrade for any Z enthusiast looking for brakes that can handle any road conditions, on or off the track.


  • Material: Super Graphite Metallic
  • Applicable Rotor Temperature: 0~800° C (1,472° F)
  • Friction Coefficient: 0.43~0.58μ
  • Country of origin: Made in Japan
  • Applications: Track Day, Rally, Performance Driving, AutoX
  • SKU: PH9F203